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Kill Your Stereo Lives.

Kill Your Stereo was put on hiatus in late 2021. Today it gets new life.

Previous Kill Your Stereo owner/editor/legend Alex Sievers decided at the end of 2021 with a bag of mixed emotions to put the site into hiatus, with a view to shutting the site down. He stated that “[Kill Your Stereo] was a big part of my life for five years... I met some rad people, did a lot of cool shit and wrote a lot of things that I'm very proud of. I still love music, writing and writing about music. I love doing this but I can't keep doing this. At least not right now in this current manner."

Kill Your Stereo always had a reputation for telling it how it is and no-holds-barred commentary and review – and with that came an integrity rivalled by very few and a writing style that always managed to bring out the truth in the artists’ stories – the site was renowned for fantastic, engaging (sometimes sarcastic and parody) interviews and coming at things from different perspectives.

Now Kill Your Stereo has new life with new editor/community manager Lili Jean Berry! Kill Your Stereo will continue with the integrity, fandom for new heavy music and the ability to bring artists’ voices and perspectives to the world!

Berry said of the re-launch and joining the team "I’ve been a reader of kill your stereo for years! I love heavy music and can't wait to talk about it with you all every day. I believe we have an insanely bright future ahead of us & I'm genuinely stoked to be a part of this next chapter. It is my goal to give the artists a platform to give more insight about their art, and elevate their voices. I want fans and readers to look to us for all their burning questions and give them the content they want to hear and read - essentially creating a bridge between both sides & celebrating our community for what it is!"

Kill Your Stereo re-launches today ahead of The Faction’s Hardest 100 on Saturday, which will happen LIVE on The Faction Radio from 12pm AEDT around the country, alongside listening parties and afterparties in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth, supported by Amazon Music. Kill Your Stereo will become the new home/hub for The Faction radio, with the two brands together creating a perfect storm for heavy music in Australia. Celebrate With Us At The Faction Hottest 100 Listening Parties This Saturday. For the details and times, visit -

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