Collision Course - Music Company

Collision Course is a full service music company. What the FUCK does that mean, you say?



We know that every band and release is unique and has different challenges in front of them in the music industry. Not to mention that the heavy music industry presents its own hurdles. That's why we are here. We have seen and been through every challenge that you can face in the music industry and helped bands through and over them too - and we have the answers and solutions.

We know that bands/artists need a TEAM. And that team is you + us working together. We have the means and experience to be able to hit the GO button and action the RIGHT strategy, the RIGHT timeline, the RIGHT methods and involve the RIGHT people.


We have been behind the early success of bands like Polaris, Gravemind, Drown This City, Ocean Sleeper and Alpha Wolf, success in Australia for international bands like I Prevail, The Plot in You, Dance Gavin Dance, Sleep Token and more, breaking bands like Windwaker, Eat Your Heart Out, Above, Below and so many more.


We have our secret weapon - The Faction - a direct-to-consumer heavy music community and platform (our smartphone app that reaches over 10k heavy music fans via e-mail and push notification, not to mention our socials!) that features a radio station, webstore, spotify/apple music/youtube playlists and podcast.


We have a WEALTH of knowledge on release strategy, we have a means of putting you directly in front of people who want to interact with you to buy and/or stream your music and get behind you AND we are uniquely placed to get to know what you want and what you need to make your record a success.

Want us on your team? Hitting hurdles to progress beyond what you have achieved already? Need to super-charge and amplify what you have already achieved on your own? Let's chat.

Let's break all this down for you - what do you ACTUALLY NEED?

Need Digital and/or Physical Distribution? We can do that.

Need PR? We can do that.

Need your music sold into DSPs and physical stores? We can do that.

Need Digital and Social Media Marketing? We can do that.

Need Vinyl printed? We can do that.

Need $$ for making your music? We can do that (if that's actually what you need!).

All of these things are possible. Not all of them are things that you will need - but we can 100% chat about what you need and give you advice and tailor-fit a solution to you and your record and we can/will invest ourselves, our skills and our $$ into your record and your band to make it an all-out win for all of us.

We aren't a "label" per se, nor will we offer cookie-cutter early development deals to you just to land-grab you so other labels don't sign you. If you are all about taking a label deal that isn't a great business deal for you but you are after an ego stroke or as a flex on the other local bands who are not on a label, perhaps we aren't the people for you. BUT if you back yourselves as a band who have some nous and smarts to manage the business of your art to create a long-term career, we are right here for you and can hit go on $$, strategy, plugging you into all the right people and places you need to be and getting on with the job.

We are a company who will be your TEAM - flesh and blood humans who understand you and your band - we give a fuck about you and your future - and we will 100% be with you through the successes and the challenging moments.


We will tailor a deal to you and your needs and not hamstring you with deals that don't help you grow and begin making money ASAP.

Let's chat about being your team.

Pricey, Greeny and Ophelia.